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There's so much great scientific work out there and I'd hate for you to miss it just because you don't have a deep background in science. So allow me to make it more accessible. 

A field guide to music and the brain

A field guide to music and the brain


How music can make you better

My latest book is out! How can certain songs carry us through a tough workout, comfort us after a breakup, or unite 50,000 diverse fans? In this field guide, I investigate what music is and how it can change us for the better—from deep in our neurons to across our entire society. Whether hip-hop fans, classically trained pianists, or vinyl collectors, readers will think about their favorite songs in a whole new way by the end of this book.

Brain Myths exploded

This lecture series which I created in collaboration with The Great Courses will help you gain a deeper understanding of your own mind. There are a lot of myths out there, but the truth is even more interesting. 


12 Essential Scientific Concepts

Has it been a while since you brushed up on the basics of science? Did you miss out on these courses in college? This lecture series is designed to bring you back up to speed, or give you the foundational concepts that you need to be conversant in science today.