If you're new to science, start with the basics. 

Science’s most vital concepts and ideas—some of which have been around for centuries, others of which we’ve only uncovered in recent decades—make the perfect starting point for a deeper dive into regions of the scientific world you’ve long wanted to take a closer look at. Whether it’s evolution, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, or the nature of matter, these and other eye-opening concepts are all connected by the profound role they play in our everyday lives and in our larger understanding of the world.


I love setting the record straight. 

Much of the layperson's knowledge of the brain is predicated on a lack of understanding. To build a more straightforward, accurate picture of current breakthroughs in neuroscience, you have shatter popular brain myths. Each of these 24 lectures takes as its focus a single powerful, prevalent myth, and uses it as a launch pad from which to explore myriad topics in neuroscience: decision making, memory, dreams, emotions, neuroplasticity, consciousness, mental illness, and much more. I don't just settle for obliterating myths - I replace them with more interesting scientific facts. The result is an eye-opening adventure into why the brain works the way it does. You'll be left with insights that will help you better determine the hard scientific truths behind the breaking news (and myths) of tomorrow. This course has been a non-fiction best seller on Audible.com.