What can music tell us about the mind? Turns out, a lot. 



February, 2017


Indre Viskontas, Writer, Creator, Host

Adam Isaak, Producer with additional production help by Scott Lawrie.

Music by Rhian Sheehan and others.


Cadence is a podcast about music: how it affects your brain, your life, and the community in which you live.

Join our host, cognitive neuroscientist and classically trained opera singer Indre Viskontas while we talk to scientists, musicians, musicologists, and composers to find answers to some of the biggest questions still surrounding the intersection of music and science. How much can we learn about the mind with music as the lens?


Season 1


In this season, we started with the basics. What is music? How does our brain recognize it and create it? What changes in the brain with musical training? How do drummers tell time?